You have decided that you are going to take the plunge and whiten your teeth. It is important to know where to buy your tooth whitening products as well as what you can expect to pay. With all the online competition these days, prices are better than ever. So, how much does it cost to whiten teeth?


By far the most affordable of the whitening options. You can go into any brick and mortar or online grocery or pharmacy store and find a plethora of whitening toothpaste options. On the low end you will pay $5 (I am using Canadian pricing as that is where I am located) and at the high-end for some very fancy activated charcoal toothpaste you can pay $20 or more.

Brands like Crest, Colgate, Arm&Hammer; and Sensodyne will be priced lowest. I have found them to be $5-$8 and they should last you several months before more needs to be purchased.

Niche brands that tout being natural or made in Canada, for example, will be more expensive. You are more likely to pay $10-$20 for these. Make sure you read the labels as these toothpastes often omit Flouride.

Activated charcoal pastes or powders are not meant for daily use due to their abrasive nature. There are a ton on the market priced as low as $10 and as high as $50. You will need a regular toothpaste as well if you choose to whiten with charcoal.

Mouthrinses (or washes)

These products are right at the same price point as toothpastes. You can find them as low as about $6 and for as much as $20. I encourage you to check several retailers as I often find whitening products on sale.

Crest 3D White Whitestrips

With a wide range of product offerings by Crest in their whitestrips line, as you can imagine there are a variety of price points as well. I have found whitestrip kits online for as little as $25 and as much as $100.

I advise you to do some research on which whitestrip product you want to try, then scout out the best price. Not all of them are created equally so you need to know what you want to know if the price is good. Check out my previous post outlining the difference between the systems to get an idea of which one will work for you.

Blue-light Systems Photo by Arthur Humeau on Unsplash

I think the biggest range in price is in this area of the marketplace. There are a number of companies that make lighted teeth whitening products and the prices seem to be all over the map.

Crest’s whitestrip and light product can be purchased for $80-$120 at various retailers. Sephora carries GLO science at $264.00 (which I think is on the higher end). If you think that you want to invest in a light system, do your research. I will be doing a post on systems available in North America and my opinion on all of them. Check back for full reviews and hopefully that will aid in your decision.

Gels and Trays

These systems are often sold with trays that you can mold to your mouth or generic ones and the gel to whiten. Good trays will last you a long time and only the gel needs to be repurchased when you finish it.

These kits can be found as low as $25 and as high as $100 when sold on their own. When they are bundled with an LED light, the cost goes up from there.

Dental Office Whitening

I have good news and bad news for you here. Good news first – dental whitening can be free at a dental office. It doesn’t happen in Canada like it does in the U.S.A. due to advertising restrictions, but I have often seen free whitening offered for new patients. If you are looking for a new dental office, you may want to take advantage of this.

The bad news – it is hard to say for sure what the cost is. Dental offices set their own fees for their services so the range of fees is wide. It also depends on the types of whitening they offer. Some dentists have many options to choose from and some only 1 option. I have seen pricing as low as $50 and as high as $1000.

If you think that dental office whitening is for you, call a few offices and check their prices. Shop around a little and you will get the best price. I also advise to ask friends about their experiences. If they had a fabulous experience somewhere, you may want to check that place out.

Cost of Tooth Whitening Summary

Teeth Whitening Product Cost To Purchase
Whitening Toothpastes $5-$20
Activate Charcoal Pastes or Powders $10-$20
Mouthwashes $6-$20
Crest 3D White Whitestrips $25-$100
Blue-light Systems $80-$264
Gels and Trays $25-$100
Dental Office Whitening $0-$1000

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