Now that you have a good understanding of all the whitening options for at-home use, let’s look at one of them in-depth. I plan on posting my reviews of available products at least once per week. Please check this site often to stay up-to-date.

I have not personally tried every whitening kit that I will review. I am very familiar with the ingredients and tools included and that is the basis for whether I think a product will be effective or not. Scientific testing has shown which whitening products will work and I will stick with kits including these ingredients.


  • Product: Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit
  • Availability: Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Cost: $90-300 CAD (often coupons are available)
  • Review: 9/10 – highly recommend

This teeth whitening kit review is first on my list due to the proven effectiveness of this type of system. It is a replica of the systems used in dental offices all over the world.

As there are dozens of systems with this similar set-up, I will post reviews on those readily available and also provide comparisons for you to see each kit side-by-side.


How Does This Kit Work

Very simply, there are trays that you customize to your teeth, a whitening gel you place into the trays and an LED light to activate the gel. A desensitizing gel is also included if your teeth are sensitive after the whitening process.

Instructions state that you should whiten for 40-60 minutes each day for 7 days to achieve maximum results. Of course, if you are satisfied with results before the 7-day mark then stop there. Recommended maintenance is once every 2-4 weeks; In my experience, many people do not require it that often.

Fitting The Trays

One of my favourite features in this kit is the custom tray. Generic trays will not fit close enough to the surfaces of your teeth to do a good job whitening them. All it takes is some boiling water to get a perfect fit and therefore the best whitening results.

I really love when instructions come with visuals. I often need to see what I am supposed to do to fully get-it. Check out how easy this process is.

Whitening Ingredients

Carbamide Peroxide is the whitening agent used in this kit. Whitening with this agent is safe for your teeth and gums. Carbamide peroxide is used in dental offices all over the world to whiten. Amazingly, it has been found that at-home concentrations work just as well as dental (higher) concentrations.

Here is a link to a study published in The Journal of Applied Oral Science that explains why at-home whitening kits like this one work so well.

For those that love science, like I do; I have also included a link to a study demonstrating the safety of carbamide peroxide in varying concentrations in people.

Most of the research I have done suggests that carbamide peroxide at a concentration of 10-20% is just as effective as a concentration of 25-45% (dental office levels). That means that you can get results at home that are just as good as at the dentist.

Reason For My Rating

All of my reviews are based on the same criteria. I will post this for every product that I review so that you have consistency in comparing products.

  • Packaging and General Appearance: 2/2 – I really love the gold and black! Makes it look fancy.
  • Quality of Materials Provided: 2/2 – Instructions are thorough and clear, nothing looks cheap.
  • Effectiveness of Active Ingredient: 3/3 – Carbamide peroxide is well-tested, safe and effective.
  • Cost: 2/3 – This product is on the pricier side and those on a tight budget may want to shop around for alternatives.

Overall, my recommendation is very high. If a lighted teeth whitening system is what you are looking for, this is a good option. If you have tried Billionaire Whitening or another blue-light system, please comment below. I am always looking for feedback and recommendations!

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